During weekdays in the months of July and August there are local
eatingmarkets. They start at 17.00 hours and the idea is to buy
your food and drink there which can then be eaten at long tables.
There are stalls selling meat, fish, bread, wine, fruit, salades,
cheese, drinks and deserts etc., all local produce.
Large barbecues where you can roast your meat yourselves will be
provided for.
Apart from bying the produce the use of the tables and barbecue is,
free, there is live music and the locals give it a very friendly and
relaxed atmosphere.

Pont du Vezere            Barbecue a Saillant            Marche des Producteurs de Pays

Segur le Chateau            St.Pardoux            Barbecue a St.Pardoux

The markets are held on a weekly basis, but also in different towns
so every day of the week there is a eatingmarket somewhere.

Monday in Ségur le Chateau
Tuesday in Voutezac-le Saillant (see photo's)
Wednesday in St-Pardoux-corbier
Thursday in Ayen
Friday in Treignac